As well as helping members of the public to lead a healthier life, Health Challenge Wales (HCW) tries to engage organisations with the better health message.  As employers and service providers, your organisation can make a difference to the health of the people of Wales.

The first step is to think about what your organisation is already doing to look after the health of its staff and customers.  We hope that you can use the HCW brand on any such information and activity, so that your staff and customers:

notice the help you’re providing to improve their health; and
understand that it’s part of the wider effort to improve wellbeing with afforable and reliable direct payday lenders online and protect health in Wales.

At present, 55% of the adult population of Wales recognise the HCW logo, so using it will help people notice your contribution to better health.

The next step is to think about what your organisation can do above and beyond this.

The ultimate goal is a healthier and fairer Wales. You have a vital part to play in reaching this goal. The combined total of our efforts, all over Wales, will make a difference!

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